Social video gaming event comes to West12 shopping centre in Shepherds Bush

Watch the GamePad! social video gaming event clip on Youtube

Avid gamers are being invited to share the playing experience and make new friends at a special social event in Shepherds Bush.

GamePad! is the capital’s newest social gaming event and takes place at Petit Miracles Hub in the West 12 shopping centre on Saturday 26 March.    

The free event, which runs from midday until 6pm, is the brainchild of Japanese-inspired character brand Mayamada, and gives gamers the chance to meet, make new friends and play against one another while in the same place.

“My co-founder and I grew up at at time when you played video games with friends in the same room and it always made for a great atmosphere,” said Nigel Twumasi, 30, Mayamada co-founder.

“That's not to knock playing online, but playing others in the same place is an experience that shouldn’t be forgotten. 

“GamePad! is our move to champion social gaming and bring different types of people together to meet, become friends and play in the same space. You don't get the same experience when you are on your own playing someone on the other side of the world.”

The inspiration for the GamePad! format came after Mayamada hosted a successful party in 2013 in a frozen yoghurt shop. The venue was filled with live music and video games.

Five GamePad! events were hosted in 2015 with around 40 to 50 gamers attending each event. The success of these caught the interest of global video game publisher Ubisoft, who are now working with Mayamada on this year’s events.

Attendees will get to try out the publisher’s latest offerings, including the much-awaited The Division and Far Cry Primal.

Four main games will be available to play; Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter V, TrackMania Turbo and Mario Kart Wii U.

“The Petit Miracle Hub gave us an opportunity to showcase our brand to locals and get real feedback and sales. We’ve been there since November 2014 and were already members when we came up with the idea to hold GamePad! event there too,” added Nigel.

“Now it has given us an affordable and accessible space to test our event and find out if our event has an audience, which we now know it does.”

There will also be an area for portable gaming through the Nintendo DS StreetPass. GamePad! is suitable for all ages. 

Tickets can be reserved for those that want to take part in the Super Smash Bros or TrackMania Turbo competitions that will take place during the event. 

To reserve a ticket or for more information, visit