H&F flies the Commonwealth Flag in unity

Hammersmith & Fulham Council flew one of the 850 flags raised across the world today to celebrate Commonwealth Day.

The Commonwealth Flag was raised on the roof of Hammersmith Town Hall (Monday March 14) to celebrate the unity of 53 independent countries across the globe which is home to 2.2billion people.

The council joined heads of state, other local authorities, schoolchildren, cadets, Girl Guides and Scouts, cadets, ex-servicemen, charities, community groups and shipping lines across the world in celebration.

In Hammersmith, the flag was raised by the borough’s mayor, Cllr Mercy Umeh. 

“It’s important to remember our links and shared values with Commonwealth communities across the globe and this ceremony is a poignant way of doing that,” Mercy said.

“I feel proud to be representing the borough in joining with people from across the globe, helping strengthen the connection between our residents and people as far away as the South Pacific.”