The scarf in all its glory

Bayonne children's super scarf goes on display

A scarf knitted by talented youngsters turned unwanted jumpers and discarded yarn into a massive 42-metre wonder featuring artwork from countries across the world.

It began as a small project run by Bayonne Nursery in September 2013, and now the tremendous textile project is on display outside Hammersmith Town Hall.

Children and their families began the work after nursery staff taught them the basics of sewing, knitting and crocheting.

“I wanted to combine something creative with the importance of reusing and recycling,” said early years educator Iwona Macalka, who came up with the idea.

“Plus knitting is a dying art so I thought it would be good to introduce that to the children and parents. I just thought it’d be a few metres – I never expected it would get so big.”

Image 2
Image caption: Image 2: The scarf being displayed in a park

It soon became a global effort with international partner schools and relatives from across the world taking part, including Africa, Asia, Europe and both North and South America. More than 30 items were donated and attached including tapestries, woolly socks and hats.

Community groups from across the borough also took part, including charities Bishop Creighton House and Age Concern, and supported housing scheme Wentworth Court.

“The project developed by itself with parents taking ownership, bringing in knitted items from their country of origin. It was the global and local community coming together,” Iwona said.        

The scarf is on display at the town hall until Tuesday March 29.

Image 3
Image caption: Image 3: Work on the scarf begins