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H&F Council wants to hear how we can make the borough’s arts scene even stronger. Pictured is the Lyric’s Secret Theatre production which garnered rave reviews

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is asking residents for their views on making the borough’s arts and culture scene even more vibrant.

To help, the council has released a draft version of a new arts strategy, which hopes to build on the strong arts and culture scene that already exists in the borough and boost local employment and businesses. But now the council wants to hear from you.

“We are determined to make H&F a more popular destination,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration, “where creativity thrives and the arts are enjoyed by even more people from a wide range of backgrounds.”

“To do this, we are working with residents to drive how the council supports the arts so that every penny of arts funding is focused on resident priorities. Hammersmith & Fulham could be an area  where the arts help drive a dynamic local economy, leading to new local jobs and businesses.”

The draft arts strategy sets out the council’s approach for achieving these aims, grouped into three themes: destination, creation and access.

“We already have a thriving arts scene,” added Cllr Jones. “But we are missing some significant venues, such as a concert hall and space for the visual arts. So we will seek new arts facilities as part of the major regeneration work that is taking place across the borough.”

The council is also committed to work with landowners and developers to provide access to affordable studio space, as well as create an artist-in-residence scheme for the borough if it can attract the funding.

The consultation closes on 5 February. To share your views, read the draft Arts Strategy here (pdf 714KB) and email your comments to: arts@lbhf.gov.uk.

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