Are you a young first time mum? Make the most of expert help and become a confident parent

If you’re a first-time mum and aged 19 or under, you can get extra support from a fully-qualified family nurse to guide you through the challenges of parenthood.

Young mums who sign up to the family nurse partnership will receive regular visits by a family nurse who will help them stay healthy, improve their child’s development and plan their own futures.

“Becoming a new parent can be daunting for all ages, even more so for those who are still just teenagers themselves,” said Councillor Sue Macmillan, Cabinet Member for Children and Education.

“Regular support from a highly-trained, specialist nurse can make a massive difference to young families’ lives, helping new parents become confident, and capable at nurturing their children.”

Partners and family members can be fully involved in the scheme, which supports first-time mothers from the early stages of pregnancy until their child is two years old.

The family nurse partnership was first established in the United States over 40 years ago. The highly-trained nurses are able to offer advice and support, as well as training, to ensure children have the best start in life.

Nurses help parents look after their children by improving their knowledge and skills and to help them plan for the future and achieve their aspirations.

To find more about the family nurse partnership, visit the Family Nurse Partnership website or call 020 8962 4986.