Share your views on how the council allocates social housing and affordable homes

A special public meeting will be held on 7 July to discuss the future of council housing in the borough.

As part of its new housing strategy, Hammersmith & Fulham Council promised to consult in more detail on important issues such as how it allocates social housing and affordable homes.

And at the next meeting of the Economy, Housing, Regeneration and the Arts Policy and Accountability Committee on Thursday 7 July, local residents will have their chance to have their say in greater depth on the following topics:

Housing Allocation Scheme – How should council homes be allocated when they become vacant? Who should get priority?

Tenancy Strategy – Should council tenancies be secure (or ‘lifetime’) or fixed term?

Home Buy Allocation Scheme – Who should get priority when allocating low cost home ownership (and other types of ‘intermediate’ housing) for people on low to medium incomes?

“London is in the midst of a housing crisis. We are determined to work with residents to develop local housing priorities, so I wanted to make sure we had a special meeting on the specifics of these important policies,” said committee chair, Cllr Alan De’Aath.

The meeting starts at 7pm in Hammersmith Town Hall.

Earlier in the year, Hammersmith & Fulham Council consulted on its draft housing strategy, called ‘Delivering the Change we Need in Housing’, that sought views and comments from local residents, including the council’s own tenants and leaseholders another other interested parties, on what we were proposing.

The large majority of local respondents were supportive of the vision the council set out and how it was going to be delivered. You can find the final Housing Strategy at: where you can also find the consultation summary document which gives more detail on what people said.