Automatic top-ups boost for cashless visitor parking permits

Residents can now top up their cashless visitor parking permit automatically.

Users of H&F Council's 'smart' visitor permit system can now select a minimum balance at which point their permit will be automatically topped up by a predetermined amount.

The new system has been introduced following feedback from local residents and avoids the risk of permits running out of credit if not manually topped-up.

A further improvement, suggested by residents, allows a third party to makeĀ one-off payments to the permit.

H&F Council's cashless permits are a convenient method of paying for parking for residents' visitors. The visitor permit is free to apply for and available to any residents of the controlled parking zone and works like an Oyster card - you top up the balance and use it when you need it.

They are cheaper than the regular pay and display tariff and allow residents' visitors to park throughout the length of the controlled parking hours, regardless of any maximum stay for pay and display parking.