Mason Mount of Chelsea Football Club

An old silent film running at half speed



Mason Mount of Chelsea. PICTURE: GETTY IMAGES

Chelsea FC blogger Tim Harrison
Chelsea FC fan and blogger, Tim Harrison

By Tim Harrison

Frank Lampard isn’t the angriest person in Stamford Bridge. There are 40,000 angrier ones.

Chelsea’s pitiful performance against Bournemouth – another 1-0 home defeat – means the honeymoon is well and truly over.

Lampard better get his act together, because much more of this type of dire, lazy play by his cosseted team of ‘superstars’ simply won’t be tolerated by the board.

It doesn’t get much worse than failing to mount any meaningful attacks against a struggling side unable to field most of its top names.

And talking of Mount, what has happened to the feisty, inventive midfielder who illuminated the Blues’ games in the first half of the season? He appears to be going backwards in terms of development.

Chelsea are about to drop out of the top four in the Premier League as they get ready to meekly surrender to Spurs and Arsenal and invite their London rivals (and anyone else who might be interested) to take their Champions League place.

Last weekend was a low-water mark for the Blues as they indulged in time-consuming build-up play instead of doing what successful teams do... go for the jugular.

Without bite, without togetherness, without effort, Chelsea deserve to slide down the table. Why not simply hand Tottenham the points on Sunday, and save Blues fans what will be a wasted journey?

Watching Chelsea at the moment is like watching an old silent film running at half speed.

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