Morrie Sarri celebrates with the Europa League trophy after Chelsea's victory

A man for all seasons



Morrie Sarri celebrates with the Europa League trophy. PICTURE: GETTY IMAGES

Tim Harrison
Tim Harrison

By Tim Harrison

As Blues fans set off with buckets and spades, and a contented purr, it’s been – the consensus has it – a rather good season.

We may be losing a manager, but history will look kindly on the Morrie Sarri era, even if some of the metronomic matches disappear quickly from the collective memory.

We may be losing a superstar to Spain, but once our young double-barrelled hopefuls are fighting fit again, there's every chance of further glory.

No need to look glum as we’ll always have Baku. The fun of beating Arsenal in a place everyone had to Google (come on, admit it) was oddly enhanced by the fact that we all had to cram into pubs back home to share the fun with mates over a few beers in a raucous atmosphere.

It turned out to be one of those wonderful shared experiences; strangers embracing as goals flew in, while one of our arch enemies (with their swanky new stadium) just crumbled.

Another European cup now gleams in the trophy cabinet, and Chelsea's continental history is enriched further. From a practical point of view, the only problem is finding terrace chant rhymes for Baku.

The summer is here, Blues fans have a spring in their step, and they approach autumn with distraught beaten rivals Spurs and Arsenal in something of a nuclear winter. Morrie Sarri? A man for all seasons.

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