Onuoha goes back to football school



R’s captain Nedum Onuoha (centre), with writers Alex Bellos (far right) and Ben Lyttleton (second from right), at Ark Swift Primary Academy in White City

Nick Skoric

By Nick Skoric

QPR defender Nedum Onuoha went back to school this week to teach children about the world through football.

The R’s captain popped over to Ark Swift Primary Academy in White City with writers Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton. They talked to students about their latest Football School book, which aims to get youngsters who hate reading to pick up a book.

Onuoha spoke to the students about his life experiences as a professional footballer and the importance of his education to get him where he is today.

Students learnt about a whole host of subjects, from the importance of eating the right food, and when to eat it, to showing off their acting skills by demonstrating their best goal celebrations.

Check out Onuoha’s celebration after his memorable corker against Nottingham Forest back in 2014. He has clearly been doing his homework.

“It’s a brilliant idea,” said Onuoha. “They cover subjects in such a way that people are more engaged and are entertained by it.  By reading the books you’re learning stuff as well as enjoying yourself which is the ultimate combination.

“To see that many kids waving their hands in the air to come up to the front was incredible. You can see how moments like this for some of them will be the biggest thing they’ve done this year and hopefully it’s something they talk about in years to come.”

The Football School book helps to explain the world through the medium of football – from biology and geography to physics and drama.

Football School co-writer Ben Lyttleton who was delighted with the support from QPR said: “Nedum is an inspiring person and fantastic role model for all the children. When he was a kid he studied really hard and did amazingly well whilst also becoming a professional footballer.

“Kids can look up to him and think that if I do read, if I do concentrate on my education a little bit more, I can still achieve my dreams.”

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