This is the Ravel Morrison show

Nick Skoric
Nick Skoric

By Nick Skoric

Fortunately for Ravel Morrison there will be no need to pack tins of baked beans into his luggage while at QPR.

The enigma that is Morrison would stockpile the Heinz delicates whenever he went abroad with West Ham as he hated foreign food according to Sam Allardyce. 

I wonder how many cans he took over with him to Rome during his time at Lazio this season?

It brings back memories of Gascoigne’s time in the Eternal City and his inability to embrace the new culture.

However, Morrsion did not even get a game in the current Serie A campaign and so finds himself back at Loftus Road on loan until the end of the season.

When he last wore an R’s shirt, the attacking midfielder helped get Rangers promoted to the Premier League with six goals in the second half of the 2013-14 season.

So after the loss of Chery to the choo choo gravy train in China, QPR had to fill the vacant number ten position and Ravel is the answer, for now.

The former Manchester United youth product was dubbed the most talented player Sir Alex Ferguson had seen at the academy since a baby-faced Paul Scholes crawled through; playing in the same side as Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard but what different paths they have taken.

Pogba has got his own emoji while Morrison is still attempting to find his way in the beautiful game.

“QPR fans know me and what I’m all about and they know I love giving a chance to players who I believe in, and that’s the case with Ravel. Sometimes it takes a few setbacks for players to flourish. It’s all about hard work for him now. He’s ready to work and ready to show what he’s about, and it’s up to me to show him the way and create an environment for him to thrive in,” said Holloway.

“He’s got some work to do over the coming weeks to get where he needs to be, but we will help him as a group, show him some love in the special environment we’re trying to create here and then we can be positive – together – going forward. I think he’s in a good place and we’re going to help him progress as a player. It’s down to him, but let’s not expect too much, too soon.”

There will be moments of magic. There will be moments of despair. This is the Ravel Morrison show. 

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