Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez in action with Chelsea's N'Golo Kante and Cesar Azpilicueta

Mercurial N’Golo Kante stakes claim for player of the year



Chelsea´s N’Golo Kante (centre) tackles Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez

Tim Harrison

By Tim Harrison

While football writers salivate over Eden Hazard´s goal-scoring wizardry, the distillation process that determines who should eventually be dubbed Chelsea´s player of the year is already underway.

Hazard, perhaps? Diego Costa, surely? Thibaut Courtois, maybe? David Luiz, possibly? Doubtless it will eventually go to Costa or Hazard - with the Captain Haddock lookalike likely as not taking the gong with him on the first jet to Shanghai in June.

But the guy who really deserves the honour is a Paris-born midget who turns 26 next month; a quiet, determined player whose £32million price tag last summer is now looking a steal.

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together please for N´Golo Kante.

As he demonstrated in the 3-1 victory over Arsenal, this inventive, creative, calm, assured midfielder has an elusive, bamboozling style.

He can´t be caught, he can´t be outfoxed and he can´t - seemingly - be rattled. Yet he has superb ability, an aptitude for pinpoint passing and an achingly traditional gift for true teamsmanship that other selfish look-at-men superstars often lack.

Above all, he is balanced. When he dances forward on tiptoes, darting around defenders, outflanking clunky lunges or sidestepping crudely outstretched feet, he is a thing of beauty.

Leicester City miss him, and miss him badly. No acquisition by the Blues has had such an immensely positive effect on Stamford Bridge and such a proportionately negative effect on a player´s former club.

Another intriguing crop of results means the league title battle is now condensing into a two-way fight between Spurs and Chelsea, with Tottenham - on paper - facing the sternest test this weekend at Anfield.

But the Blues´ journey to Burnley on Sunday lunchtime is anything but easy. Turf Moor is proving something of a fortress, and Tony Conte´s men will take nothing for granted.

Kante is one of the names to be first scrawled on the draft teamsheet. If he´s as mercurial as he was against the Gooners, all will be well.

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