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Nick Skoric

By Nick Skoric

“The most important thing is the points. I do think the better you play the more chance you have of winning. I think if you look at our last few games we’ve been very good, but we just haven’t got that luck and you need that in football. I think if you look at how we’re playing it’s just a matter of time before things go our way.”

Call him Nostradamus. Call him Mystic Meg. Call him what you like but Luke Freeman was spot on when he uttered these words after the defeat to Huddersfield a few weeks ago. Might ask him for some Lotto numbers the next time I see him.

Anyhow, the tide has certainly turned at QPR. Two wins on the bounce has got the wind in the R’s sails as they navigate their way from the relegation zone into no-man’s land.

The midweek victory over Wigan also saw Washington notch up his second goal in as many games after his cursed time in the box alongside the towering Smith who added his second goal in a Hoops shirt since signing from Fulham.

The question is can QPR continue their winning ways against Preston tomorrow and match their best run in the current campaign of three consecutive W’s at the start of the year.

One man who is vital to the cause is Alex Smithies who has endeared himself to the QPR faithful this season and recently signed a contract extension until 2020.

“As a goalkeeper, there are ups and downs during a season but the fans have been fantastic with me. I am loving my time here - when you’ve got thousands of fans singing your name, it can’t help but fill you with confidence,” said the 26-year-old.

“I am delighted to extend my stay at QPR by another two years. I am really enjoying my time here and am looking forward to the future.

“Every goalkeeper wants to be playing week in, week out and thankfully I am doing that at the moment.

“I have got some tough competition behind me in Matt Ingram, and there are other goalkeepers at the club who are pushing hard as well.

“It’s not an easy thing to stay in a team for a whole season, but that’s certainly what I am aiming to do.”

Smithies will have a hard day at the office against Preston who still have faint hopes of a play-off place but saying that, the tougher opponents seem to get the best out of the R’s this season.

Better ask Freeman. He will know.

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