» Recycling collections for street level properties

If you live in a house or a small block of flats you can recycle using our Smart Sacks service.

» Recycling for large blocks of flats

If you live in a large block of flats with shared rubbish bins you will probably have a Smart Bank.

» Check your rubbish and recycling collection day

Enter your postcode in the where's your nearest search (street level properties only).

  Check your collection day

» FREE Christmas tree recycling - 4 to 16 January

» Small electrical items recycling

H&F Council now have 18 sites with banks or bins where residents can drop off unwanted or broken small electrical items. These banks are known as WEEE banks and can be found at various points across the borough. Find out more » WEEE banks - small electrical goods recycling

A to Z of recycling

A to Z of recycling on the WRWA website (opens in new window)

» Reduce and reuse

Find out what you can do to reduce waste even more.

» Garden waste and composters

Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that is thrown in the bin.

» Commercial waste and recycling

Find out about our competitive waste and recycling collection service.

» Recycling in schools

Find out what recycling services are on offer for schools.

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