Street care and cleaning

Street care and cleaning

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has launched its revamped waste, recycling and street cleaning campaign, ‘Help make our streets the cleanest in London’.

The campaign is highlighting the work the council does to keep the borough clean, by spending £21m a year collecting rubbish and recycling, and cleaning streets and paths, while reminding residents and visitors in the borough what they can also do to help.

We spend £21m keeping the borough clean and our workers are out in all weather, collecting rubbish and recycling, sweeping the streets and making sure fly-tippers and litter-bugs are caught. If our residents continue to help us, by not dropping litter, putting their recycling and rubbish bags out correctly and reporting fly-tips, we could cut costs and pass the savings on to them.

This campaign is all about giving people the facts and showing residents how, if we work together and help each other, we can not only make our borough look better but can also save huge amounts of money.

Clean and tidy streets are very important in making H&F a pleasant place to live in and work in, and to visit. We take a tough stance against anyone dropping litter, creating graffiti and dumping rubbish.

H&F Council spends £21m every year keeping the borough clean and collecting recycling and rubbish

  • We collect rubbish and recycling from 57,000 households every week
  • Our street cleaners cover distances of more than 150 miles each week
  • Last year we collected around 59,000 tonnes of recycling and rubbish

There are three ways you can help

Dropping litter is an expensive habit - £80 fine for offenders

Don’t drop litter or cigarette butts - put them in a bin!

Stop burning your money

It costs more than five times as much to incinerate a tonne of rubbish than to recycle but it costs seven times as much to incinerate contaminated recycling.

Report a problem on our streets

H&F report it

You can report problems online or via your smartphone using our report it app.

Report it hotline on 020 8753 1100

» Clean up after your dog

Bag it and put it in a bin!

» Abandoned shopping trolleys etc

The council will remove abandoned articles from public places.

Our cleaning programme

4am-11.30am - all main roads across the borough are cleaned and litter bins emptied.

6.30am-2pm - our neighbouhood sweepers clean residential streets across the borough and every street is cleaned at least once a week.

10am-6pm - all our main shopping centres and all busy streets are cleaned continuously and two refuse teams clean up any dumped rubbish and empty litter bins.

7pm-2am - our evening teams clean our three town centres.

The Big Clean Up

The Big Clean Up put the spotlight on the extensive work the council does to keep our borough clean - and how the community plays its part.

Earlier this year H&F Council launched a two-month campaign across streets, parks and public spaces as part of the council’s drive to make H&F’s streets the cleanest in London.

For more information on the Big Clean Up visit