Parking zones

Parking zones

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How controlled parking zones (CPZs) work

If you park in a parking bay within a CPZ you must either display in your vehicle a parking permit or a 'pay and display' ticket for that CPZ.

All CPZs have shared-use parking places where you can park with a ‘pay and display’ ticket instead of a permit. If you do this, you must buy your ticket from a ticket machine in the same parking zone.

Some parking places only allow certain types of parking, such as disabled bays, doctor bays and market trader bays. 

Yellow lines indicate a 'no waiting' restriction (i.e. no parking). Single yellow lines apply during the hours shown on the adjacent yellow 'no waiting' restriction sign (see example below). If there is no adjacent 'no waiting' restriction sign, the single yellow line will apply during the same hours as the CPZ in which it is located. Double yellow lines indicate that a 'no waiting' restriction applies all day, every day.

The reasons for CPZs

We introduce CPZs to busy areas in the borough to help reduce congestion, commuter parking and levels of parking stress. When we are planning a new CPZ we always ask local residents and businesses for their comments on the scheme. Once a CPZ has been introduced or changed, we regularly review the effects of the parking controls.

Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading is allowed for up to 20 minutes in parking bays and on yellow lines, only if it is safe to do so. Vehicles must be seen to be in continuous use for loading and unloading and must not be left unattended.

You must move your vehicle if asked to by a police officer or council civil enforcement officer. Short visits to shops or other businesses do not count as loading and unloading.
Loading restrictions are in place on busy roads and at junctions - the hours of operation of these restrictions can be seen on white loading restriction signs at the side of the road. Double or single yellow kerb markings show that a road is subject to a loading restriction.

A removal vehicle may stop for longer than 40 minutes on a single or double yellow line adjacent to a property where a removal is taking place, provided that (i) loading/unloading is taking place continuously between the vehicle and the adjacent property (ii) no loading restriction is in force at the time (iii) the vehicle is not causing a serious obstruction, and (iv) the vehicle is moved as soon as loading/unloading has been completed. The driver must move the vehicle if they are asked to do so by a police officer or council civil enforcement officer. Please note that packing or unpacking items inside a property does not constitute loading - the vehicle must be moved elsewhere and parked legally while these activities are taking place.

Disabled badge holders

Disabled badge holders may park in any shared-use or pay and display parking place or blue badge holder disabled bay for free and without a time limit. Disabled badge holders are also allowed to park for up to three hours on yellow lines as long as they are not causing an obstruction or breaking a loading restriction. Disabled badge holders can NOT park in the Zone G permit holder only bays in Macfarlane Road and Hopgood Street, UNLESS they also display a Zone G SMART Visitor Permit (SVP). When parking in these streets, the SVP does not need to be activated (i.e. payment does not need to be made for parking). Some disabled parking bays are reserved for specific permit holders, and are not available for other blue badge holders. These bays are clearly signed and marked.


Motorcycles may be parked in any pay and display or shared-use parking place for free. The whole motorcycle must be parked within the parking bay markings. Motorcycles must not be parked in a suspended parking bay, on a single or double yellow line during its hours of operation, or on the pavement at any time. Some areas have designated parking bays for the sole use of solo motorcycles - these are clearly marked. Motorcycles must not be parked in parking bays reserved for specific uses, such as bays for disabled badge holders, market traders, diplomatic vehicles, doctors or loading bays.

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