Pay and display parking

Pay and display parking

All of our parking zones have 'shared use' parking places where you can park with either a pay and display ticket or a parking permit for the relevant zone.

Our pay and display machines sell parking time in multiples of 30 minutes. The minimum purchase period is 30 minutes, up to a maximum of 8 hours. The exceptions to this are:

The maximum stay periods for pay and display in these zones do not apply to resident or business permit holders, or to residents' visitors who display an activated SMART Visitor Permit for the appropriate zone in their vehicle.

Some parking places only allow certain types of parking, such as disabled bays, motorcycle bays, diplomatic vehicle bays, doctor bays and market trader bays.

Permit holder only restrictions in Zones F, G and S

In Zones F, G and S, parking is restricted to permit holders only at specific times - see » Controlled zone hours and charges for further information. Visitors to Zones F, G and S can only park during the permit holder only times by displaying an activated Zone G SMART Visitor Permit in their vehicle - the SVP must be for the appropriate zone. In addition, visitors can also parking in the appropriate pay & display only bays. Additionally, there is no permit holder hours operating in the Coomer Place Car Park (situated off North End Road).

Short stay bays

  • In Zones F, G, I, S, U and V, there are some parking bays which have maximum stays of 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours. These bays are located in side streets, near junctions with main roads with busy shopping areas, as well as on Fulham Road, Goldhawk Road and Askew Road.
  • We advise parking permit holders to check signs and restrictions for these short stay bays carefully, as some of the bays are restricted to pay and display ticket holders only.

» Map of all controlled parking zones (pdf, 2.04MB)

Pay and display charges

There was a phased increase of pay and display charges across all parking zones in the borough between 22/11/10 and 29/11/10.

See » Controlled Parking Zone hours and charges for the current charges. 

Pay and display rules 

A pay and display ticket should be bought at the time of parking, not in advance. Once you have bought a pay and display ticket, you can park anywhere within the zone shown on the ticket until the expiry time shown on the ticket. You can also drive your car from place to place within that zone, as long as you don't venture into the wrong kind of bay.

There are signs which indicate the boundaries between different zones. If you do need to park in a different zone, you will need to buy a ticket for that zone from a machine within that zone. 

The pay and display machine label shows the times when parking controls apply. In some zones, these times are also shown on the signs next to the parking bays. Some zones operate from Monday to Friday, others operate Monday to Saturday. Zones CC and G both operate Monday to Sunday. Special match day restrictions apply in Zones X & Y on controlled match dates when there is a football match at Fulham Football Club.

Faulty pay and display machines

If you find a machine that is faulty or has been vandalised, please let us know. Make a note of the number or location of the machine and the problem, and phone us on (020) 7371 5678 (you can leave a message at any time) or report a fault using the Cleaner greener report it form.

If you have lost money in a faulty pay and display machine, you should buy a pay and display ticket from the nearest working machine within the same controlled parking zone. To request a refund of the money lost, please write to LBHF Parking Services, PO Box 57142, London SW6 2WZ. In your letter, please:

  • tell us the date and time that you lost money
  • tell us how much money you lost
  • tell us the exact location of the faulty machine
  • enclose the ticket that you bought from an alternative machine with your letter 

Page last updated: 20/10/2014