Parking permits

Parking permits

Resident's or business parking permits

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With ever-increasing pressure on parking spaces, we have changed the process for issuing parking permits. This is to prevent fraud and to ensure that only genuine residents are issued with a permit.

We apply strict criteria when considering permit applications. If you are a resident or have business premises in a controlled parking zone, you may be eligible to apply.

Permits cannot be issued to vehicles over 7ft 6in /2.28m in height.

Smart visitor permits

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Visitor permits on the White City Estate

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Refunds are available if you no longer require your parking permit. Refunds are calculated according to the date we receive your permit and refund request, as follows;

1. The original cost of the permit is divided by the duration of the permit (i.e. by 6 or 12 months) to give a monthly refund amount.

2. The monthly refund amount is multiplied by the number of full calendar months remaining on the permit, up to its expiry date.

3. The refund amount is then rounded down to the nearest whole pound (£).

Parking permit refunds are issued by cheque, normally within 14 working days of the date that we receive your refund request. Please note that refunds are not available for temporary residents' parking permits - these must first be upgraded to a regular permit.

» Apply for a permit refund (pdf)

Changing your vehicle, moving within the borough or lost/damaged your parking permit?

Resident parking permit : 

 change of address / vehicle form,  lost damaged or stolen form

Business parking pemit:

change of address / vehicle form,  lost damaged or stolen form

Additional information

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