Improving our neighbourhoods

Improving our neighbourhoods

Our ambition is to regenerate our most deprived neighbourhoods

Our aim
A mix of housing that caters for your family’s growing needs
A better and safer environment
A new focus on bringing job opportunities

Our pledge
To involve local residents fully
To ensure that every council tenant is provided with the home that meets their needs
To protect leaseholder interests


The council wants to work with local residents to improve our neighbourhoods, bringing new housing, jobs and employment opportunities.

We want to ensure that you, your family and future generations can move on in life without having to move away.

The only way to achieve that is by unlocking our high land values and by building more affordable homes which cater for a range of needs. We want to breathe new life into town centres and ensure that our streets and estates are safe, well connected, thriving areas.

As ideas take shape, we want to ensure that local residents are involved every step of the way. We are already talking to tenants and leaseholders on estates west of Wood Lane in W12 and will be talking to other tenants and leaseholders about improving their neighbourhoods in the future.

Greater levels of deprivation are found on our estates than anywhere else in the borough.

Many of our estates are inferior in design and we know that many of our residents are concerned about antisocial behaviour.

Once the multi-million pound Decent Homes investment programme is completed in 2010 we need to think about a longer term plan to ensure that our estates are safe, attractive places to live with homes of the highest possible standard.

We know that there is a severe shortage of family-sized homes across the borough and that too many people feel that they have to move away to move on in life.

These are things H&F Council and Hammersmith & Fulham Homes want to change. Above all, we want to ensure our estates are safe, attractive places to live with a mix of housing that caters for different and growing needs.

“We’ve got huge levels of wealth and huge levels of poverty in H&F,“ said Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh. “Our single biggest objective is to create a borough of opportunity where everyone has an equal chance to move on in life. We are doing this by investing in schools, by giving people access to affordable homes and by looking at ways we can improve our built environment.”

H&F Council and H&F Homes want to use ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ development opportunities to see how we can improve neighbourhoods with the focus on four major areas.


The opening of the Westfield shopping centre is already helping revitalise the whole of W12 with £200 million of public transport improvements, 24/7 neighbourhood police, 7,000 new jobs, £3.5 million of improvements to Shepherds Bush Green and new housing.

However, the Council and other landowners are working hard to ensure that regeneration continues. We are working on a vision for the whole opportunity area east of Wood Lane and central to that is the future of BBC Television Centre. Once the BBC moves a large part of its workforce to Salford in 2011 we want the BBC’s legacy to remain, ensuring that the area is seen as London’s creative industry ‘hub’ potentially bringing thousands of new jobs.

To support this there are exciting plans to build a £20 million City Academy specialising in information technology on the site of the former Stamford House young offenders institute near Cathnor Park.

Overall, across the whole W12 Opportunity Area H&F would like to see better open spaces, new community and civic facilities as well as 4,000 new homes with a heavy focus on providing affordable home ownership. We also want to ensure that tenants and leaseholders on the nearby estates west of Wood Lane benefit from this investment.

Over the summer we have been asking residents on the White City estate, Batman Close, Wood Lane and Charecroft estates how they feel about their neighbourhoods and what would they like to see improved. The views expressed will be fed into a ‘planning and regeneration framework’ - a document that guides future development - which H&F Council will be publishing and consulting on next spring.


H&F Council and H&F Homes is working with local residents and businesses to rejuvenate King Street.

We have already seen impressive changes to Lyric Square and there are proposals to demolish the unsightly Town Hall extension and replace it with new council offices which will bring renewed Civic pride to the area, while substantially improving access to the Thames. The project will extend the cosmopolitan feel of King Street, enhancing the whole centre and bringing a new public square, retail and residential space.

Other development opportunities include new office and residential space on the Hammersmith & City Line station car park site, new offices and homes on the Hammersmith Palais site and the second phase of Hammersmith Embankment development for office and residential use.


With the help of the NDC (New Deal for Communities), around £3 million has been spent substantially improving Normand Park as part of H&F Council’s commitment to improve all our green spaces.

We are now talking to developers interested in transforming Earls Court and Olympia into world class venues, potentially bringing badly needed new housing, leisure facilities and jobs to North Fulham.

We are keen again to see how residents on the nearby estates - West Kensington and Clem Atlee - can benefit from all the investment happening around them. What would they like to see happen to improve their neighbourhood? What kind of housing offer would make them and future generations stay in the area?

H&F Council also wants to see continued investment in North End Road, improving the range of shops and encouraging more people to shop there, while fully supporting North End Road market.

We look forward to keeping you up-to-date over the coming months and years on ways we are working to build a better H&F for all.


For the last 15 years, HAFFTRA, Hammersmith and Fulham Federation of Tenants' and Residents' Associations, has worked closely with the local authority on major council estate projects across the borough. From the first regeneration scheme of its kind at the Clem Atlee estate in the mid 1990s right up to today we have been making sure residents’ voices are heard.

When major projects begin and people move to new homes, it is vital they are supported every step of the way. Although the rules for rehousing tenants and buying out leaseholders are governed by the law, the way schemes are carried out is all important. For example, when tenants are made sensible rehousing offers, they are much more likely to feel they are being treated fairly.

HAFFTRA staff, along with tenants' and residents' associations, play a key role in supporting people who are moving home through the Residents' Project Group which is set up for any such scheme.

In particular, they work closely with regeneration managers from Hammersmith and Fulham Homes, which manages the council’s properties, and H&F Homes resident liaison officers, who try to make the whole process as painless as possible for residents.

HAFFTRA’s involvement in the Project Groups also helps to ensure that other aspects of these schemes which affectresidents are sensitively handled. This can include everything from how the works are carried out to making sure everything is communicated sensitively and fully to residents.

We intend to continue working with H&F Homes and the Council to make sure residents’ needs are given the same consideration in any future regeneration schemes as they have been in the past.

Page last updated: 26/10/2013