West London Parks Police join forces

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West London Parks Police join forces

Wednesday April 10, 2013

A new specialist team of parks constables are now keeping 87 parks and open spaces across two west London boroughs safe.

Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) Council and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) have combined their two parks constabulary teams and the new team started patrolling last week.

The combined team, which is now 33 officers strong, will deliver an improved service including faster response times and more joined up working, according to the councils. A single management structure means that duplicated middle and senior management roles have been stripped away to keep costs down for taxpayers.

The new Parks Police Services will operate 365 days a year from 7:00am until midnight in the summer and from 7:00am until 10pm in the winter. The plans will improve efficiency, for example by having more resilience during major events such as the boat race and football matches, while also making savings.

There are 87 parks and open spaces in the two boroughs (54 in H&F and 33 in RBKC) – including 13 award winning ‘Green Flag’ parks, which are nationally recognised as being some of the best open spaces in the UK. Parks in both boroughs have also been awarded the Mayor of London’s prestigious safer parks award.

Parks Police duties include: reporting crime within the parks; detaining offenders; enforcing byelaws and dog control orders; security at park events; dog chipping, dog shows and cycle marking; attending park user group meetings; locking certain parks and lost property in parks and open spaces.

Officers are equipped with the latest ultra-high frequency portable radios, with GPS tracking facility and interactive mapping. Body-worn cameras are carried and used for evidence gathering, especially for dog fouling and litter offences. Officers can issue fines for enviro-crimes and all officers are first aid trained.

Cllr Greg Smith, H&F Council Deputy Leader, says: “By combining the best of our old Parks Police services into one force we are creating a specialist team for west London. Our awarding winning parks and open spaces will remain safe places for law-abiding residents to enjoy themselves and we will continue to clamp down on the minority intent on causing trouble or committing a crime.”

Cllr Nick Paget Brown, the Royal Borough’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Environment said. “Our parks are hugely valued, safe and pleasant places to visit and we want to ensure that they remain so.  The new combined Parks Police service will be able to response quicker and help maintain the high standards we have.”

RBKC, H&F and Westminster councils launched ‘Tri-borough’ proposals to share some services in October 2010 with the aim of combining back office and management functions to protect front-line services. The number of senior and middle managers is reducing and the councils are on track to save £40million a year by 2015/16.

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This morning, Sunday 17th January I found a bunch of keys on the Astro turf pitch in Ravenscourt Park. Please can you let me know what to do with them as I''m sure they fell out of someone''s pocket.

Reply from the council: Thanks for taking the trouble to help someone out with this. We will ask our Parks Police to email you. If you'd like to call them, the number is 0300 3655 101 or 0207 938 8187.

From Julia on 17/01/2016 at 10:23
My wife was stolen in the Westfield Shopping inside, 26th, September 2015. Took the Sea Green bag with a tiny yellow line, inside has passaport brazilian, ID brazilian, birth and married certificated, iphone 4, among others personnal documents..
Please, if someone find them, contact me. 07850776084
Many thanks
From Eonezava on 02/10/2015 at 10:42
I left my bag in the park pink and red bag!! With my identity inside... Friday 1st May.... Around 12pm please contact if you know anyone that has picked it up. Reward on return! Thanks!

Reply from the council: We will keep an eye out for it. Which park?
From Sara on 06/05/2015 at 21:08
I think I dropped my keys by the benches at the basketball courts. Please message me if they''re found
From Fabian on 07/04/2015 at 17:19
Hello !
I left my son''s shoes at ravenscourt park here three is the pool, they are blue & Green, brand Clark. Please please contact me if there are found.
Thank you very much
From Capswell on 24/11/2014 at 09:54
Hi there
Has a very old, much loved white teddy bear been handed in to lost property. We were there Tues 23 Sept 2014. thanks Sally
From Sally on 28/09/2014 at 15:03
Hi there,

I was playing basketball yesterday (Sunday) afternoon around 4:30pm and I have misplaced a set of keys. I was sitting right near a bench on the netball side of the court. Hoping they may have been handed in - any help would be great. Thanks!

Reply from the council: We have passed your number on to the parks police. They can be contacted on 020 8753 5999.
From Luke Higgins on 08/09/2014 at 07:53
I left my basketball trainers they are grey & turquoise size 11 there tonight along with some socks inside & basketball vest. Please please contact me if there are found!!
From wes on 27/07/2014 at 22:17
Hello. I've lost my 9month old sons frog sock-shoe in Ravenscourt park. Is there a place it could have been handed in to please?
From Hurley on 03/04/2014 at 08:26
Hello, I lost my purse in ravenscourt park at lunch time today. Is there a lost property I can call? Thank you
From Giulia on 13/03/2014 at 16:40
Please would you be kind enough to inform me where to go for lost property at the Frank Banfield Park. Somewhere in that location I lost a bunch of keys.
Thanking you,
Baiba Murphy
From Murphy on 06/08/2013 at 09:11
I was wondering if you can tell if there is a lost property at Ravenscourt park. I left a pair of shoes in the park two weeks ago and I want to see if they have been handed in. Many thanks. Zoe
From Zoe on 17/06/2013 at 14:04
That's great that they're keeping the parks safe, and I'm grateful for it. However there doesn't seem to be any policing at all of dogs not on their leads and I fear the problem will become worse if police are now having to travel further.

Some of our parks are also cemeteries, yet dogs are allowed to run around unchecked, peeing on graves and digging up sensitive plants. Any plans to do anything about this before it gets completely out of control, LBHF?
From Georgina on 18/04/2013 at 17:20


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