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London disorder - information for businesses

 Thursday August 11, 2011

3pm update:
Latest updated advice for businesses from the police (pdf)

7am update:
Overnight update for businesses (pdf)

 Wednesday August 10, 2011

2.30pm update:
New advice for businesses from the police (pdf)

1pm update:
Continuing efforts to keep streets clear

We have made some changes to both domestic and trade waste and recycling services in order to help protect residents and businesses and to keep our streets clear of objects that could be used in disorder.

Some recycling banks, bins etc were removed and will be replaced as soon as it is advisable to do so. Please use alternative recycling sites in the meantime. For more info, visit our refuse and recycling pages.

Some trade waste collections will continue to take place earlier or later than normal as part of efforts to keep the streets clear of combustible materials. If your business has not had its usual container / bin collections by 5pm please remove your bin from the street. We will revisit to make the collection as soon as we can.

Many thanks for your patience and support while these special arrangements are in place. We will return to normal business as soon as its is advisable.

7.30am update:
There were no reports of major disorder in H&F last night. The council and police are continuing to monitor the situation closely. Please continue to report any suspicious activity. Many thanks to the police and all those who have helped avert trouble on the scale seen in neighbouring areas.

 Tuesday August 9, 2011


9.15pm update:
There are no reports of trouble in Hammersmith & Fulham.

8.45pm update:
The Metropolitan Police have just issued the following advice:

Reasonable force
Does the law protect me? What is reasonable force?
Anyone can use reasonable force to protect themselves or others, or to carry out an arrest or to prevent crime. You are not expected to make fine judgements over the level of force you use in the heat of the moment. So long as you only do what you honestly and instinctively believe is necessary in the heat of the moment that would be the strongest evidence of you acting lawfully and in self-defence. This is still the case if you use something to hand as a weapon.
Do I have to wait to be attacked?
No, not if you are in your own home/business and in fear for yourself or others.

1.30pm update:
Advice for businesses from the police (pdf)

1pm update:
The riots over the past three nights (August 6-8) have seen public disorder and criminal damage to residential and business premises across London.

The Metropolitan Police Service has been dealing with several incidents of ‘copycat criminal activity’ across London resulting in 450 arrests. The police are aware of the impact this is having on the business community and is making every effort to combat further criminal activity by increasing the levels of high visibility patrols across London.

The Operation Withern team is continuing their investigation to identify those people responsible for the recent violence, disorder and crime to ensure that they are brought to justice. Anyone with information about the riots should call the major investigation team on 020 8345 4142.

You may notice an increase in the number of police officers in your area and this should not be cause for alarm. The police are offering the following advice and suggest that businesses take the following precautionary measures:

1.  Where possible retail premises should be suitably staffed with security guards
2.  Ensure staff report any suspicious activity to security and/or police
3.  Consider regular checks of the building and surrounding area
4.  Identify areas that are vulnerable to forced entry
5.  Make sure all service doors are kept locked and secure when not in use
6.  Ensure your CCTV system fully operational
7.  In case of an emergency is there a record of the names of key holders who can be contacted
8.  Consider removing high value goods from display windows overnight
9.  Consider keeping as little cash as possible on the premises
10.  Ensure that your premises are secure and if fitted your alarm systems are fully operational
11.  In the event of a non emergency, call the police on non emergency number 101
12.  In the event of an emergency, call the emergency number 999. If you have any information you wish to provide to police anonymously you can contact the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

You can also subscribe to the official police messaging system ‘Neighbourhood Link’ at: (opens new window).

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is holding a Business Forum today, 9 August 2011 at 4pm to brief the business community on issues and what is the best approach to take in the current difficult situation. Please make every effort to attend.

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