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Hammersmith Flyover latest

Friday January 31, 2014

Latest information supplied to H&F Council by Transport for London (TfL).

 Friday January 31, 2014

Work is being carried out on the flyover from January 2014 until the summer of 2015. For more information on the works and how it may affect your journeys, visit: www.tfl.gov.uk/hammersmithflyover (opens new window).

Older updates below:

 Wednesday May 16, 2012

Hammersmith Flyover is due to reopen to all traffic a week ahead of schedule – a move that has been met with a mixed response from Hammersmith & Fulham Council (H&F Council).

Transport for London (TfL) announced yesterday (Tuesday, May 15) the concrete structure on the A4, which has been undergoing repair works since December 23 last year (2011), will fully reopen to all traffic from 6am on May 30.

Full news story here: Flyover to reopen on May 30 (May 16, 2012)»

 Wednesday April 18, 2012

Transport for London (TfL) will begin installing new tensioning cables inside Hammersmith Flyover this week, as part of its ongoing work to fully reopen the structure to all traffic in June.

The works mean that the flyover will be closed overnight, every night, from today (Wednesday, April 18) until Monday (April 30). It will close from 10pm until 6am every night, with the exception of tonight when it closes at 11pm, and Saturdays when the flyover will open later at 10am and close at 6pm.

The structure will also be closed for the next two Sundays, April 22 and 29, all day until 5pm.

Full news story here: Flyover to close for repairs (April 18, 2012)»

 Monday March 12, 2012

Transport for London (TfL) has said that Hammersmith Flyover will close again tonight (Monday, March 12) between midnight and 5am so that engineers can continue vital repair works on the structure.

 Wednesday March 7, 2012

Transport for London (TfL) has said that Hammersmith Flyover will close overnight for four consecutive nights from tomorrow (Thursday, March 8), while engineers carry out repair works on the structure.

Full news story here: Hammersmith Flyover to shut for four nights (March 7, 2012)»

 Friday January 13, 2012

Update at 2.30pm:
H&F Council news story published - Flyover reopens to light traffic (January 13, 2012)»

Update at 9.15am:
Hammersmith Flyover is now reopened but in a restricted capacity, with only one lane open in each direction to cars, vans and other light vehicles.
Traffic restrictions are being enforced by a 6ft 6in width restriction at either end of the flyover to prevent large vehicles such as HGVs and coaches from crossing.

The re-opening comes following confirmation from TfL's engineers and experts that the flyover is now safe to take light traffic, while work continues to strengthen key sections of the road. 

Motorists are still being advised to avoid the area if possible, as there are still some delays.

For further information visit http://www.tfl.gov.uk/ (opens new window).

 Thursday January 12, 2012

H&F Council news story published - Public meeting on flyover closure (January 12, 2012)»

 Wednesday January 11, 2012

Hammersmith flyover is still closed to traffic, while Transport for London’s engineers analyse the extent of water damage on a stretch of the road more than half-a-mile long.

A public meeting has been arranged for Saturday January 14 at West London Free School, in Cambridge Grove, Hammersmith, 2pm-3pm, to discuss the current closure.

Residents will have the chance to put questions to TfL’s director of public affairs and stakeholder engagement, David McNeill, about the road. Cllr Nick Botterill, deputy leader of H&F Council, will also be there.

 Friday January 6, 2012

Update at 3.30pm:
H&F Council news story published - TfL confirms flyover will remain shut (January 6, 2012)»

Update at 12.45pm:
Hammersmith Flyover will remain closed next week (week beginning Monday, January 9) while work begins to repair a 1,000 yard stretch of the road, Transport for London (TfL) has confirmed.

For more information, click here to read the Mayor of London's press release» (opens new window).

 Wednesday January 4, 2012

Read the latest update from TfL (December 30, 2011)» (opens new window)

Residents with queries should contact TfL's London Street Customer Services on telephone number: 0845 305 1234, or visit the TfL website: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/ (opens new window).

 Further information

H&F Council news story - Urgent solutions needed to re-open flyover (December 29, 2011)»

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why do the speed limits on the signs, not agree with the sat nav, speeds?
I drive at the 30 mph speeds, but most of the traffic flies by at 40mph +
can lfh&f, make the signs agree with the electronic speed limits?
From peter on 19/11/2013 at 00:17
I think the idea of replacing the flyover in this way is really good. I just hope it will prove possible to do and think Hammersmith would gain a lot as an area if this was done.
From margaret on 05/11/2013 at 16:05
It seems likely it will be closed for at least another two weeks if not much longer :

It seems unlikely any meaningful forecast for even part-opening can be given at the moment. However it would be helpful if this or other tfl websites could indicate somewhere that it will be closed for at least the next 2 weeks, month, 2 months, etc, so we all know where we are for avoidance.
From Brian on 13/01/2012 at 00:10
Dear Sir
I entirely appreciate the need for remedial engineering work on this structure for the safety of all concerned and pray for good weather and God speed. However Ii enquire why such an engineering project barely 1/2 a century in age should deteriorate-shoddy workmanship... I ;am certain it cost millions to build those decades ago.
Also to ease congestion would it not be beneficial to have no traffic lights in operation around the Hammersmith giratory system whilst work is in flow.
I live in SW6 (and have been since 1982) and find the ALL the lights entirely disruptive to traffic flow.
My general route is to approach the giratory from Fulham Palace Road and utilise King Street to and from work.
Await you response-many thanks
From M/C BIKER on 11/01/2012 at 01:10
Strands in the cable need to be coated in a Pur Hot melt at the time of manufacture 50 years ago. This was not done. In consequence cables rust. To prevent concrete breaking up a chemical injection process can be used to convert the material in to a harder density, therefore back to a solid form. To protect the solid a liquid membrane can be injected which does not allow a osmosis phenomenon to occur. 50 years ago I told the geezers in a King Street pub this nightmare would happen. All about dumb head accountants I suppose taking the lowest bid?
From Gordon Southwood on 09/01/2012 at 12:09
Can the MOT consider opening say one lane on each side for cars only with a limited speed limit of say 30 to help alleviate the congestion in Hammersmith.
Suggested hours say 6am to 10pm thus allowing for out of hours work.
Appreciate no easy solution- but priority must be given to current road users rather than any talk re Olympic traffic in August!
From adrian on 07/01/2012 at 17:34


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