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Friday August 6, 2010

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Police investigating a mass brawl between Chelsea and Cardiff City football fans earlier this year are again appealing to residents for help tracing the thugs.

More pictures of louts who went on the rampage during the FA Cup clash between the two clubs have just been released.

Similar appeals have seen more than 50 fans traced after violent brawls before and after the fifth round tie between the two sides on February 13.

The violence began when around 100 blues fans gathered in the West Brompton area and moved towards North End Road where they split into two groups. Three coaches carrying Cardiff fans arrived before fights broke out in Fulham Road. Smoke bombs were set off before police were able to break up the crowd.

As the final whistle blew opposing supporters made their way to Fulham Road, close to the junction with Holmead Road. Tension between the two groups quickly escalated and police formed a line between the supporters in a bid to separate them. A number of Cardiff supporters broke off from the main group and cut down an alleyway onto the Kings Road, where they were met by a group of Chelsea fans.

200 began fighting with missiles, including road cones and bricks, thrown and with one police officer needing surgery after a facial injury.

Cllr Greg Smith, H&F Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services, says: “The vast majority of fans who support or visit one of the borough’s three professional football clubs are good natured and enjoy a nice day out. However, these hooligans are the minority who give football a bad name and need to be caught. We will not tolerate this sort of violence in the borough and I would encourage anyone who recognises these louts to report them so we can get them in-front of a Judge.”

Fifty-one people have already been charged with offences including affray, violent disorder and GBH and have been bailed to appear at West London Magistrates Court later this month.

If you recognise anyone in these new pictures call police on 020 8246 2712 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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I would suspect that the reason CCTV can get you in trouble for parking on a yellow line is because your car has a unique registration number, thus instantly linking the car to the driver. Now unfortunately people do not walk around with their name and details printed on their foreheads. As such it is pretty difficult for CCTV of the faces of criminals to be as effective as the CCTV capturing cars parking illegally.
From TJ140 on 14/08/2010 at 22:23
Surely with all the taxes we pay and all of the CCTV that we as the taxpayer fund you shouldn't need our assistance. We pay for this to be done. Rather than employing 1000s of traffic wardens in the borough why not invest in adequate crowd controll officers? On a Sunday evening there are scores of traffic wardens patrolling every street in Shepherds Bush as they know that most people will not realise that the signs have been (deliberately?) changed. Why not train these people as crowd control officers then there would be a huge additional force to augment the regular force? Once the match is over they can resume their duties as traffic wardens. Why is it that people can commit terrible crimes on our streets and the police have 'nothing to go on'. But as soon as you park your car on a yellow line, they produce tons of footage showing your car from every angle, and if you dispute it in court they provide a detailed turn by turn video of your journey as evidence against you! Why cant these cameras that WE PAY FOR be used for the safety of us and our children and rather than as a means to bleed money from the already impoverished motorist!
From Anonymous2010 on 07/08/2010 at 10:15


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