Housing options: Moving home

Housing options: Moving home

Helping you move home

» Seaside and country homes
Due to the scarcity of council housing in the borough, many of our applicants are also considering other housing options including moving out of London to the seaside, small towns and to the countryside. Have you ever thought about living by the sea or in the country? We may be able to help you.

» Sheltered housing
Sheltered Housing is accommodation specifically designed or adapted for people aged 60 years or over.

» Wheelchair accessible housing
This is accommodation designed specifically for those who permanently use a wheelchair.

» Temporary accommodation
Temporary accommodation is a very limited resource and is only offered to those in extreme circumstances. Being given temporary accommodation is not a short cut to being rehoused permanently.

» Under-occupiers - Is your home too big?
Is your home is too big and becoming harder to maintain? You could be eligible for a range of options to help you downsize. You will receive a personal case worker and higher priority on the housing register. You could also be eligible for a newly refurbished property in the borough or even a move out of London.

» Overcrowded - Is your home too small?
There are a range of options which could be available to you such as rehousing young adults and cash incentives to move to the private sector. You will have a personal case worker to assist you through the process of moving or reduce the impact of overcrowding.

» Mutual transfers
You can swap your home with another council or housing association tenant anywhere else in the country, provided your landlord agrees. This is known as a mutual exchange. Both partners in the exchange will, however, need to obtain authorisation from their respective landlords for the exchange to go ahead.

» Staying safe - moving in
Advice about gas safety, carbon monoxide, furnishings and fire safety checks.

» Your guide to housing options (pdf 1.8MB)
Check out our new booklet to find out about the complete range of housing options available. No matter what your circumstances, information in this guide should help you to find the information and advice you need.

Page last updated: 19/02/2015