Housing services for older people

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Housing services for older people

More housing services and information for older people.

» Rehousing options team
The Rehousing Options team offers specialist re-housing advice to people over 60 in the borough and also to people of all ages who are wheelchair users.  

» Housing advice and information for older homeowners (pdf 760KB)
This booklet has been produced for homeowners who are over 60 years of age. It contains information and advice and lists agencies that may offer help to resolve housing problems.

» Housing floating support services

» Sheltered housing
Sheltered Housing is accommodation specifically designed or adapted for people aged 60 years or over.

» Wheelchair accessible housing
Assessments of applications for re-housing from people requesting sheltered housing or wheelchair adapted housing.

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» Housing floating support services Oct 2010

» Social care services for older people

More information on housing for older people - links to information and resources on external websites (all links open in new windows):

Created by the Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC), www.eac.org.uk  , this site for older people, their families, carers and advisors provides specialist advice on housing (sheltered housing, extra care housing, assisted living and retirement villages) and care homes (nursing homes, residential care homes), across the UK.

Telephone Advice Line 020 7820 1343
www.housingcare.org (opens new window))

FirstStopAdvice for older people
Provides a one stop advice and information service about housing and care options and getting the support an older person needs. The service is jointly provided by EAC, Age Concern & Help the Aged, Counsel & Care and Nursing Homes Fees Agency.

Freephone telephone Advice Line 0800 377 7070 
www.firststopadvice.org.uk  (opens new window)

The National Careline
Is a not for profit company offering information about care and support for older people, their carers and their families. The National Careline provides information and advice that users, their relatives and carers may find beneficial in the support and care of the older person. 

Freephone telephone Advice Line 0800 069 9784  
www.thenationalcareline.org  ( opens new window)   

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