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Help for adults

The aim of adult social care services

The aim of adult social care services is to enable residents who are eligible for social care funding to:

  • gain maximum independence
  • make choices about their care
  • stay healthy and safe and
  • increase their ability to participate in family and community life.

Adult social care fulfils the council’s statutory duties in respect of vulnerable adults under the National Assistance Act 1948 and subsequent related legislation and works to make this a borough of opportunity for residents who need our assistance. By April 2014, all of this legislation will be streamlined into the one Social Care Act, 2104

Councils are required to complete a thorough assessment of people’s needs and to meet these assessed needs in the most cost effective manner by providing community care services.

The eligibility criteria are set by the Department of Health’s Fair Access to Care Services (FACS) as described in Step 1 Assessment.

Councils can still help with information and advice for residents who are not eligible for adult social