Sensory impairment services

Sensory impairment services

Services for people aged 18 years and over with hearing or visual impairment or both.

What help is available?

The type and amount of help needed varies from person to person. For this reason, an assessment is carried out before arranging services.  This is an opportunity to talk to you about your needs and to make sure we provide the right level of support for you. This assessment can be carried out using "hands-on signing", manual alphabet, block and British Sign Language (BSL).

Some of the services that can be offered are:

  • equipment to help you manage at home
  • information about services and activities available locally
  • practical help with signing, interpreting, writing letters, using the telephone or telling the time
  • referral to other services such as meals service, home helps or h&f advice
  • referral to voluntary agencies and groups, for help with practical and social problems
  • advice on housing, income and employment, education and training opportunities
  • training advice on mobility and with getting out and about
  • direct payments. These are cash payments for qualifying people to buy their services
  • social work support for practical and social problems

What equipment is available?

There are a number of specialist aids available on loan from the council. These include: 

For people with hearing loss

  • minicoms
  • flashing light doorbells
  • vibrating pager systems     
  • door chimes
  • vibrating alarm clocks
  • loop systems   

For people with visual impairments

  • talking books
  • liquid level indicators
  • writing frames;
  • symbol canes
  • large button telephones
  • talking clocks and watches

Frequently asked questions

How do I find out if I qualify for these services?
If you would like to find out if you qualify for support, please telephone h&f advice on 0845 313 3935 or email h& You can also email

Are there any charges for these services?
Some services are free and there are charges for others. Charging does not depend on an individual's circumstances. 

What if I do not qualify for services?
If you do not qualify, we will always try to put you in touch with other organisations that might be able to help.

Do I have to be registered?
Registration helps us know how many people with hearing loss live in the borough. This helps us plan our services. If you choose not to register, it will not affect your assessment for services.

Useful contacts

Action for blind people
Telephone: 020 7635 4800

Charing Cross Hospital Audiology
Audiology Services Manager Adults
Telephone 020 3311 7645
Fax 020 3311 1021

DeafBlind UK
Telephone 01733 358 100 (Voice/Text)
Fax 01733 358 356
Befriending services for deaf and blind residents 

Metropolitan trust for the blind
Telephone 020 7403 6184 
Fax: 020 7234 0708

Telephone 020 7388 1266
Fax: 020 7388 2034

Telephone 0845 127 0060
Textphone 0845 127 0062
Fax 0845 127 0061

Information leaflets to download

 Services for the visually impaired (pdf) May 2013

 Services for the deaf and hard of hearing (pdf) May 2013

 Sign language interpreting service (pdf) May 2013

 Eye clinic support service (pdf) Sept 2013

 Sight and  hearing loss dual sensory impairment (pdf) May 2013

Opening hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
h&f advice 0845 313 3935
Address: Sensory impairment services
1st Floor
145 King Street
W6 9XY

Hammersmith (City), Hammersmith Broadway and Ravenscourt Park

Buses: 27,266,167, H91, 190, 391

Accessibility: Disabled access

Other Enquiries:

Information for professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing clients  


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