Disabled children

Disabled children

A disability can make it difficult for a child to participate fully in the community and develop independence.  Great pressure can be put on parents and carers because of the care children need. We are there to offer support.

The disabled children's teams

We are two teams of professionals who work with children who have severe and permanent disabilities and/or health conditions. We support families who may require additional help to meet their children's needs. 

Disabled children's team
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How are the teams made up?

At present the teams have social workers and support staff, occupational therapists and a transitions worker. We also work closely with other professionals from health and education to provide an integrated and efficient service.

What do we do?

We work with disabled children and their families from birth up to the age of 18.

All of our work is carried out under the Children Act 1989.  Disabled children are considered to be "children in need"  and we assess them in line with the department's eligibility criteria.  We also offer assessments to parents/carers as required by the Carers Recognition Act 1995 and the Carers and Disabled Children's Act 2000.

Social workers

After you first make contact a social worker will contact you within seven days and arrange a time to visit you and your child and carry out an assessment. 

When it is completed the assessment will be discussed with you and your comments will be added to the report.  This will make sure your point of view is reflected in the records.

On the basis of the assessment a proposed child in need plan will be put together and you may be offered a number of services including:

  • Placing your child's name on the Disabled Children's Register
  • Various types of short breaks (including after-school, day care at weekends and holidays, and overnight care).
  • Direct Payments - to purchase and manage your own support package.

 All care packages are designed to assist disabled children in meeting the five key outcomes the government has identified for children:

  1. Being healthy
  2. Staying safe
  3. Enjoying and achieving
  4. Making a positive contribution
  5. Achieving economic wellbeing

Care packages are agreed by our disabled children's panel, which meets monthly (you are encouraged to attend this if you wish). Your child's package of care will then be reviewed regularly. If your child has complex needs that require funding from Health or Education an additional assessment will be done.

We keep the needs of children and young people at the centre of everything we do and involve them as much as possible. Our priority is always to support families and keep them together whenever possible.

» Guidance for Parents and Carers on Care Packages for Disabled Children (65 kb pdf)

What do the other members of the teams do?

Paediatric occupational therapy - Following an assessment, the occupational therapist would provide specialist equipment for the home that would facilitate and enhance the child's participation in activities of daily living. 

This might include specialist chairs, hoists, bathing and toileting equipment. The OT is also able to make recommendations for minor alterations (e.g. rails) and structural work within the property to facilitate access to essential facilities such as a bedroom, toilet and bathroom. 

Additionally, the OT  can make recommendations for the family to be re-housed to a more suitable property, in view of the child's disability.

Transitions worker - The transitions worker assists children and young people aged 14+ to ensure a smooth transfer to adult services.

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