Noise and nuisance

Noise and nuisance

Local Authorities have statutory powers under section 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to deal with nuisances such as noise, odour and excessive lighting from both residential and commercial premises.

Normal service availability

The service is available 363 days a year including weekends and bank holidays but not Christmas Day and Boxing Day

The environmental protection team provide a service during these hours:

  • Monday – Wednesday 7.30am to 3am
  • Thursday – Friday 7.30am to 5am
  • Saturday - Sunday 9.00am to 5am

Contact us

  • Tel: during office hours - 020 8753 1081 - Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
  • Tel: outside office hours - 020 8748 8588 - during our service hours, see above
  • Report it online  
  • Fax: 020 8753 3922
  • Write to: Public Protection & Safety, 6th Floor, Town Hall Extension, King Street, London, W6 9JU
  • Email:

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The Environmental Protection Service deals with  a wide range of noise and nuisance problems including those listed below. For further information click the links:

Unfortunately we have no power to deal with:

We respond to over 6,000 complaints a year concerning noise and nuisance!

Contact us in confidence to report a problem. We will normally visit you to assess whether the noise is a nuisance as defined in law.

This is a subjective assessment by a professional officer, who will contact the person the complaint has been made against, advise them that we are carrying out an investigation and advise them on their responsibilities and how to reduce the noise. We will take action to try to resolve the noise nuisance and prevent it happening again.

The Council does have legal powers, in most cases, to stop noise nuisance but to use these powers officers have to witness the noise from within your property. We aim to respond to 95% of calls after 6.00 pm within 60 minutes and 80% of calls within 45 minutes; during the day our response time is two hours.

What we need to know

It helps our investigation if you can provide the following information:

  • The type of noise such as loud music or air conditioning
  • The exact address or location the noise is coming from
  • The exact dates and times when the noise starts and stops
  • The effect of the noise such as it disturbs your sleep, interferes with your television / radio / conversations, etc

What you can do to help

Many people do not realise that their actions are causing their neighbours a problem. If you can approach safely, the best way to deal with the problem is to go to the source – it is best to do this after the event.

Talk to the person or company responsible and explain the problem. You may find that you can resolve the problem amicably without any further action

If reasoning with your neighbour does not help or you do not want to approach them, then you should contact the Environmental Protection Service.

Page last updated: 04/01/2016