Aircraft noise

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Aircraft noise

We are one of a number of boroughs directly affected by Heathrow Airport. One of the main impacts is caused by the noise from aircraft as they fly over the borough on their final approach to the airport.

Although advances in technology have ensured that individual aircraft have become quieter over the last 20 -30 years, the benefits of these improvements have been lost due to the large increase in the number of flights. In 2003, there were about 460,000 aircraft movements at Heathrow, many of which flew over the borough, and the numbers are still growing.

Many people living under the flight path to Heathrow are annoyed by aircraft noise, particularly at night when the noise can be particularly disturbing.

The council does not have any formal powers to take action against individual aircraft for causing any noisy disturbance. However, we do respond to all of the consultations conducted by the Government and the airport operator, BAA, where their proposals could affect Hammersmith & Fulham residents.

Page last updated: 06/11/2014