Planning duty planner service

Planning duty planner service

Informal advice on some planning issues

A duty planner service operates from the Environment Services Department Reception, 1st floor Hammersmith Town Hall Extension, King Street, W6 9JU. A planner will be available to give informal planning advice in person, on the telephone or by email.

The service is available during the following hours:

Monday - Thursday 1.30pm - 4.30pm; pre-arranged appointments only

There will be no duty planner service over the Christmas period from Thursday 24 December until Monday 4 January 2016.

Booking an appointment

Book an appointment here

Please note that appointments can only be made online since personal information is required.

The duty planner will be able to:

  • explain the status of the council’s planning policy documents
  • provide generic general advice on permitted development rights; and
  • help you understand planning applications.

The duty planner will not be able to:

  • give written advice
  • give any form of pre-application advice
  • discuss with applicants or agents the technical merits of current applications
  • discuss with applicants or agents the technical merits of recently refused applications or appeals
  • decide minor amendments to planning permissions.

For written advice and any form of pre-application advice, please apply for pre-application advice

Applicants or agents are advised to request for pre-application advice before submitting an application. Whilst not binding, the council has noted that applications are more likely to obtain planning permission, and decisions made significantly faster where pre-application advice is obtained, and followed.

To discuss the technical merits of recently refused applications or appeals, and to comprehensively resolve the issues raised ahead of a subsequent planning application, applicants or agents should apply for the detailed advice option provided within Level 2 pre-application advice

Any advice given by the duty planner is not binding on any future decision by the council. Any views or opinions expressed are given in good faith and to the best of ability, without prejudice to the future  consideration of any planning application which may be influenced by statutory public consultation, the issues raised and evaluation of all available information.

Page last updated: 25/11/2015