Make a planning application

Make a planning application

This page tells you how to make a planning application either online or by post. If you need any help completing any of these forms please contact the planning application team.

How to submit your planning application

In order to submit a planning application you will need to submit the right form, fee and additional documents according to your proposal. Once you have all the information you can then proceed to apply.

We strongly encourage you to apply online via the Planning portal. The system will take you step by step through the whole process.

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» Planning portal

» Guidance notes on making an online planning application (pdf 42kb)

Most common reasons for invalid applications

1) Incorrect or no form
» See forms

2) No Ordnance Survey map (OS Map)
» Planning portal associated services to provide a OS Map

3) Incorrect or no fee
» See fees

4) Failure to submit an appropriate flood risk assessment, design and access statement or Construction Methods Statement for basement and/or light well excavation.
» See supporting documents

Please ensure all drawings submitted with your application contain a metric scale bar.

Local validation checklist

Please bear in mind that each proposal might require different documentation. You can find more about specific requirements on our Local Validation checklist

» Download our current local validation checklist (pdf, 200Kb) 


You can download paper forms from the Planning Portal -Click here.

The link will take you to a 'Paper form chooser' and you will need to look for 'The London Borough of Hammermsith and Fulham' or put the address of the application. 

You can download the CIL form by clicking here 

For prior approval applications, please see the relevant forms below:

» Permitted development householder prior approval form

» Permitted development offices to residential prior approval form

» Permitted development retail to residential prior approval form



The fee charged for the assessment of a planning application is set by the government and depends on the scale and nature of the proposed development. 

» Planning portal fee calculator

» Planning Portal application fees document (pdf)

» Fee schedule (pdf)

How to pay for your fees

  • Pay through the Planning Portal by credit or debit card
  • Pay online on the council's webpage via: 
  • Pay over the phone by debit or credit card. Call 020 8753 1081 and one of our colleagues will receive your payment. When making payment please indicate the reference number (if you have one) or include the complete address of the property.

Community Infrastructure Levy

To find out if your development would be liable for CIL, and what you will need to do, visit our CIL webpage.

» You can download the CIL form by clicking here

Section 106 Agreement

Agreements under Section 106 are normally required to mitigate impacts arising from large scale developments, and provide the means of ensuring the provision of necessary services and infrastructure, such as highways, recreational facilities, education, health and affordable housing to support new large scale developments. For more information about Section 106 visit: Section 106 webpage


Planning Performance Agreements (PPA)

The Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) is our new project management tool which will help you with more complex applications, receiving the best advice possible. Visit our Planning Performance Agreements webpage for more information.

Page last updated: 18/12/2014