Property sales and lettings

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Property sales and lettings

The following properties are currently being marketed for sale.

Properties being offered for Sale (pdf)

For auction properties information, please contact Alan McCarthy on 020 8753 5191 or email


Units to let – Townmead Business Centre, William Morris Way, Fulham (pdf)

There are currently waiting lists in relation to business units. To have your name added to the list please contact Gavin Ross on 020 8753 2834 or email:

Shop to let - 79 Bloemfontein Road W12 (pdf)

Shop to let - 91 Bloemfontein Road W12 (pdf)

For shop lettings please contact Ade Sule on 020 8753 2831 or email

Shop to let - 651 Fulham Road SW6

Shop to Let - 679a Fulham Road SW6

For shop lettings please contact Stephen Hartrick on 020 8753 6958 or email

Units to Let - Mitre Bridge Industrial Estate NW10

For units lettings please contact Izhar Haq on 020 8753 2692 or email