William Morris Sixth Form

William Morris Sixth Form

16-19, mixed

Address & contact details

St Dunstan’s Road, London W6 8RB
Tel: 020 8748 6969


Headteacher - Kevin Gilmartin

Email: info@wmsf.ac.uk
Website: www.wmsf.ac.uk
DfE number: 205 – 4320


William Morris Sixth Form has received two consecutive outstanding Ofsted grades for the achievement of its students. It is a fully inclusive and caring environment offering sixth form education for local students as well as for many other young people from over 100 schools
across London.

WMSF offers a wide range of over 35 AS level, A level, BTEC and GCSE courses, giving students the opportunity to study from an exciting range of combinations of subjects.

Admissions procedures
Despite being heavily over-subscribed, WMSF guarantees an interview to all applicants who apply before the end of January. All other applicants are interviewed in order of date of receipt of application with priority then given to local pupils from:

How to find out more
Email or call us to receive our detailed prospectus, which includes information about all the courses offered and how to apply for a place.   


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