Hammersmith Academy

Hammersmith Academy

Academy, mixed

Address & contact details
25 Cathnor Road,
London  W12 9JD
Tel: 020 8222 6000

Headteacher: Gary Kynaston BEd, MA, NPQH

Email: info@hammersmithacademy.org
Website: www.hammersmithacademy.org
DfE number: 205 - 6906

Hammersmith Academy is a brand new nondenominational, all-ability, co-educational secondary school for 11-18 year olds, with specialisms in Creative & Digital Media and IT. The Academy will develop standards for academic excellence in a brand new building with state of the art facilities. The Academy is sponsored by two Livery Companies, The Mercers’ Company and The Information Technologists’ Company. This partnership provides extensive educational expertise and practical and innovative business experience. The Academy aims to develop the talents of all its students to the full and to raise educational standards, through excellent teaching and the innovative use of IT.

The decision to admit students to the Academy is taken by the Academy’s governing body, in accordance with their admissions policy. All applicants must complete and return by the published closing date, the common application form provided by their local authority. They are also asked to complete the Academy information form and return it direct to the Academy by the closing date to ensure they are invited to the banding test. The form is available to download from the Hammersmith Academy website or from the Academy office directly.

All applicants are urged to obtain from the school a full copy of its admissions policy prior to completing an application form. Any child with a Statement of Special Educational Need that names this school must, by law, be admitted, without reference to the oversubscription criteria.

Entry assessment test
All students who are applying for a place at Hammersmith Academy for year 7 will be required to take a fair banding test. The purpose of this non-verbal reasoning test is for the Academy to achieve a genuine spread of ability. The results of the test will
place the students into one of five ability bands for each year group.

Accordingly, in 2012 the intake into year 7 will be divided, in the first instance, as follows:

  • 24 students allocated to band 1;
  • 24 students allocated to band 2;
  • 24 students allocated to band 3;
  • 24 students allocated to band 4 and
  • 24 students allocated to band 5

Prospective students will sit the test at Hammersmith Academy, between 4pm and 6pm in the week of 28 November to 2 December 2011. Parents will receive details of the test shortly after the closing date for applications.

Summarised admissions criteria
The Academy is part of the pan-London admissions scheme which requires all parents to complete a common application form. Hammersmith Academy
must be listed as one of the preferences on the local authority’s form.

In accordance with the school’s published admission number, the school will admit 120 pupils in September 2012 Where the number of applications for admission is greater than the published admission number, applications will be considered against the criteria set out below. After the admission of pupils with statements of special educational needs where the Academy is named on the statement, the criteria will be applied in the following order:

  1. Children in public care (those looked after by a local authority under section 22 of the Children Act 1998).
  2. In each band, pupils living in the Academy admissions priority area (see map in the ‘Starting School’ publication ) on the basis of a straight line distance from
    the main entrance of the Academy to the child’s home address.
  3. If any of the five bands remains unfilled from within the admissions priority area, places will be offered to other applicants in any band on the basis of proximity to the Academy using straight line measurement from the main entrance of the Academy to the child’s home.

Waiting lists
If the Academy is oversubscribed, parents will be offered the opportunity to be placed on a waiting list and should vacancies arise within the academic year, be offered places in accordance with the published admissions policy.

Appeal arrangements
Parents who are refused a place at the Academy for their child have the right in law to appeal the Governors’ decision to an independent panel. Parents should contact the Academy directly for information on the appeal arrangements.

Preference information
622 parents ranked this school as one of their preferences for the September 2011 intake; 120 places were available.

How to find out more about the school:

  • Write or telephone the school to receive a detailed prospectus. 
  • Visit the school’s open events
  • Visit the school website at  www.hammersmithacademy.org   

Sixth form
Hammersmith Academy has its own sixth form. Contact the Academy for details.

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