Children's centres

Children's centres

Integrated care and education for under fives and their families

What are Children's Centres?

Children’s centres are designed for families with children, from conception to under five years. They provide services including advice and guidance, integrated education and parenting skills

  • school readiness for children
  • work readiness for parents
  • child and family health  

Avonmore Neighbourhood Family Centre - spoke  
Avonmore Library and Neigbourhood Centre, North End Crescent, W14 8TG
tel:020 7605 0800
Avonmore Neighbourhood Family Autumn programme 

Bayonne Children's Centre - spoke   50 Paynes Walk, London, W6 8PF
tel: 020 7385 5366 
Bayonne Children's Centre Autumn programme (pdf)

Cathnor Park Children's Centre - hub
1 Melina Road, W12 9HY
tel: 020 8740 2000
Cathnor Park Children's Centre Autumn programme (pdf) 

Flora Gardens Children's Centre - hub
Dalling Road, W6 0UD
tel: 020 8741 7892 
Flora Gardens Children's Centre Autumn programme 

Fulham Central Children's Centre - hub
Tudor Rose community centre, Shottendane Road, SW6 5PG 
tel: 020 7736 4350  
Fulham Central Autumn programme 

Fulham Palace Family Centre - spoke  
Bishops Park Community Building, (entrance via Bishops Avenue) off Fulham Palace Road, London SW6 6ES (across from the urban beach/play area and cafe
Contact: 020 7736 4350 (Fulham Central tel number)  Fulham Palace Autumn programme 

Masbro Brook Green Family Centre - spoke 
49 Brook Green, W6 7BJ
tel: 020 7605 0800
Masbro Brook Green Family Centre Autumn programme 

Masbro Children's Centre - hub 
87 Masbro Road (Milson Road entrance) W14 0LR
tel: 020 7605 0800
Masbro Children's Centre Autumn programme(pdf) 

Melcombe Children's Centre - hub 
Fulham Palace Road, W6 9ER
tel: 020 8748 2939 
Melcombe Children's Centre Autumn programme (pdf)  
Melcombe Children's Centre Autumn programme back page 

Pre-school Learning Alliance Children's Centre Services at New Kings Family Space - spoke
New Kings Primary School, New Kings Road, Fulham
London, SW6 4LY
tel:020 7736 4350
New Kings Autumn programme

Pre-school Learning Alliance Children's Centre Services at Normand Croft Community School - spoke 
Bramber Road, London, W14 9PA 
tel: 020 7736 4350  
Normand Croft Autumn programme 

Old Oak Community & Children's Centre - hub 
76 Braybrook Street, London, W12 0AP
tel: 020 8740 8008
Old Oak Community and Children's Centre Autumn programme (pdf)

Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre - hub 
Australia Road, London, W12 7PH
tel: 020 8743 7339 
Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre Autumn programme (pdf)

Ray’s Playhouse Ltd - spoke 
247 Stephendale  Road, SW6 2PR
tel: 020 7371 9002
Ray's Playhouse Ltd Autumn Term programme (pdf)    

Shepherds Bush Families Project & Children's Centre - spoke 
58a Bulwer Street, London, W12 8AP
tel: 020 8749 2371
Shepherds Bush Families Project & Children's Centre Autumn programme (pdf)   
Shepherds Bush Families Project and information leaflet (pdf)

Wendell Park Family Centre 
Cobbold Road, W12 9LB
tel: 020 8746 1872
Wendell Park Family Centre Autumn programme (pdf)  

How do I find out my nearest Children’s Centre?

For any further enquiries about children's centres, or to find your nearest, please contact the Family Information Service on 0845 313 3933 or email

Further information

In July 2011 Hammersmith & Fulham reconfigured children’s centres as part of the family support programme to bring together a wide range of support services to target families who need the most help.

We moved to a hub and spoke model and expanded the number of centres from 15 to 16 sites. This ensures a full geographical network of centres across the borough.

A hub centre provides a universal offer such as under 5s drop in groups, but focuses on preventative and early intervention services for vulnerable families.

Spokes deliver the universal offer of under 5s drop in groups, as well as providing space for targeted employment courses and sessions delivered by hubs and other partners. 

A spoke children's centre is directly linked to a geographic hub whereas a children's centre satellite is independent and not linked to a local hub.

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