Corporate plan

Corporate plan

This corporate plan outlines how we intend to deliver on our objectives and priorities over the next 3 years. It will be updated annually to reflect the progress made. Our vision is to work with local residents and partners to create a borough of opportunity for all.  We are putting in place the key building blocks of opportunity to enable all local people to have a real stake in the area and share in its growing prosperity.

2012/15 Corporate Plan (pdf)

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The council’s key priorities

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Delivering high quality, value for money public services
– we will seek to deliver the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayer.  We want to delight local people; not only with the service they receive, but also with the value for money we give them.

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Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour
– our objective is to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour and to improve the quality of life by reducing the environment for crime and the fear of crime.

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Creating a cleaner, greener borough
– we aim to markedly improve the local environment, delivering cleaner streets all year round and improving parks so everyone can enjoy the green open spaces the borough has to offer. There will be strict enforcement of littering, graffiti and fly tipping.

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A top quality education for all
– we aim to improve school standards, promote school autonomy and deliver greater choice and diversity for parents.

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Promoting home ownership
– our aim is to make home ownership more affordable for a greater number of residents and, in so doing, increase home ownership in the borough. This will help address the current tenure imbalances and ensure that more local people stay in the borough and have a stake in its future. In particular we will provide more home ownership opportunities for key workers, first time buyers and those on low to middle incomes.

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Regenerating the most deprived parts of the borough
– by supporting local economic development and regeneration, raising educational standards and providing the opportunity for people to develop the right skills for the future.

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Setting the framework for a healthy borough
– by working with our partners in health to promote healthier lifestyles and a healthier environment, reducing the use of more acute services and helping vulnerable residents to live more independent lives through the provision of high quality, responsive health and social care services.

Historic performance plans & audit letters

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