Details of FOI/EIR case

Details of FOI/EIR case

Reference: 400402   Received: 17/10/2011    Closed: 10/11/2011

Request summary:
Penalty Charge Notices and Bus Lane Infringements

Request details:
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Details 1: Number of PCN and Bus Lane infringements for the last 4 years issued by the Council for contravention of the nearside bus lane on Shepherd's Bush Road southbound between the junction of Brook Green to its end outside number 229 Shepherds Bush Road W6 7AN

2. Number of PCN Bus Lane infringements for the last 4 years issued by the council for contravention of the offside bus lane on Shepherds Bush Road southbound commencing outside 229 Shepherds Bush Road W6 7AN until its end before the Junction with Hammersmith Road.

3. Dates between which the nearside bus lane was suspended allowing all vehicles to use it, for roadworks.

4. Traffic Management Orders, please provide copies of relevant traffic management orders pertaining to the aforementioned bus lane(s)

5. DfT approval for road configuration. The bus lane configuration is of an unusual nature. Normally a sign is required 30m before the taper into the bus lane. The offside bus lane does not have such a asign. Please confirm that DfT approval for this signage scheme was sought and obtained.

Please refer to the attachments for our response

 400402-Traffic Management Order 695 (PDF)

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