Publication of payments to senior officers, councillors, suppliers and on contracts, as well as information on meetings and council organisation

H&F Council is working to radically improve the accessibility, relevance and value of data on its spending, revealing more detailed information than ever before on where the public’s money goes.

Meetings between developers and councillors

Please see » Meetings between developers and councillors

Pay policy

» Pay policy report (pdf 38KB)
» Pay policy report appendix 1 (pdf 78KB) 
» Pay policy report appendix 2 (pdf 194KB) 
» Pay policy report appendix 3 (pdf 196KB)
» Pay policy report appendix 4 (pdf 110KB)

Pay multiples

» Pay multiples H&F 2015 (xls)

Senior officer salaries

Published in accordance with the Government’s local transparency guidance. This spreadsheet will be updated annually (last update: 22 April 2015).

Outlined are details relating to certain senior officers employed by the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham who on a full-time equivalent basis earn more than £50,000 pa.

» Senior staff salary bands (xls 36KB)
» Count of LBHF earners at £50k+ (xls 34KB)

To view bi- and tri-borough posts hosted by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster City Council, please click on the following links:

» Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea | » Westminster City Council

Trade Union representatives' salaries

» Trade Union representation salary costs (xls 35KB)

Trade unions represented in the council are UNISON, GMB and UNITE.

Councillors' allowances

» Councillors' allowances scheme revision (pdf 94KB) 
» Councillors' allowances scheme revision appendix 2 (pdf 18KB)

For details of the councillors' allowances scheme and information about allowances paid to councillors, please visit the following link:

» Councillors' allowances library page

Senior management organisation chart

» LBHF senior management organisation chart (xls 440KB)

Net spend by cost centre

The Excel workbook linked below includes net spend by cost centre since Q1 2011/12.

» Net spend by cost centre (at Q4 2014-15) (xls 19.7MB)

Spending with suppliers and on contracts

We have published detailed information on our spending with suppliers and on our contracts here:

Spotlight on spend

Spend Data Quarter 3 2015 (xls 5.29MB)

Spend Data Quarter 2 2015 (xls 6.8MB)

Spend Data Quarter 1 2015 (xls 6.6MB)

Due to the implementation of a new financial solution and associated processes, the data submitted for this period may not be complete, will be subject to review and a revised report may be published in future if necessary.

For more information, please contact Alan Parry or John Francis, Interim Heads of Procurement in the Corporate Procurement Team: or

Purchase orders

» Purchase orders January-March 2015 (xls 1.3MB)
» Purchase orders October-December 2014 (xls 382KB)
» Purchase orders July-September 2014 (xls 581KB)

Procurement cards

» Procurement cards October to December 2015 (xls 80kb)
» Procurement cards July to September 2015 (xls 32KB)
» Procurement cards April to June 2015 (xls 86KB)
» Procurement cards January-March 2015 (xls 86KB)
» Procurement cards October-December 2014 (xls 86KB)
» Procurement cards July-September 2014 (xls 76KB)

Invitations to tender

» ITT October to December 2015 (xls 35kb)
» ITT July-September 2015 (xls 38KB)
» ITT April-June 2015 (xls 35KB)
» ITT January-March 2015 (xls 39KB)
» ITT October-December 2014 (xls 32KB)
» ITT July-September 2014 (xls 37KB)

Waste contracts

» Waste contracts (xls 31KB)

Contracts over £5k in detail

» Contracts over £5k October-December 2015 (xls 35kb)
» Contracts over £5k July-Sepember 2015 (xls 34KB)
» Contracts over £5k April-June 2015 (xls 34KB)
» Contracts over £5k January-March 2015 (xls 32KB)
» Contracts over £5k October-December 2014 (xls 34KB)

LBHF contracts register

» Contracts register (xls 216KB)

Asset register

» LBHF asset register 2014 (xls 263KB)

Social Housing Asset Values

» LBHF Social Housing Asset Values (xls 978KB)

Section 106 agreements

» Section 106 agreements web page

Controlled parking account

» Financial statement 2013-14 (pdf 83KB)

Parking spaces (2015)

44,228 on-street spaces
131 off-street spaces

Fraud data

» Transparency code: Fraud data April 2015 for 14 15 year end (xls 24KB)

Audio recordings of full council meetings

Audio recordings of full council meetings have been available since 30 June 2010.

To hear the MP3 recordings visit the full council meetings page by clicking the button below, select a meeting date, and the audio recording link is at the top of the 'items' list on each page.

Full council meetings

MP3 files will play (stream), using your computer's default MP3 player, when you click the audio recording links. You can also download and save the files to play later.

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