Publication of payments to senior officers, councillors, suppliers and on contracts

H&F Council is working to radically improve the accessibility, relevance and value of data on its spending, revealing more detailed information than ever before on where the public’s money goes.

Read the press releases:
» Council publishes Section 106 agreements
» Online info makes council more transparent
» Britain's most transparent council
» Council publishes spending over £500

Pay policy

»Pay policy report (pdf 137KB) 
» Pay policy report appendix 1 (pdf 80KB) 
» Pay policy report appendix 2 (pdf 239KB) 
» Pay policy report appendix 3 (pdf 243KB)
» Pay policy report appendix 4 (pdf 505KB)

Senior officer salaries

Published at 30 July 2013 in accordance with the Government’s local transparency guidance. Information for one officer has been withheld at their request.

» LBHF senior officer salaries

Councillors' allowances

» Councillors' allowances scheme revision (pdf 94KB) 
» Councillors' allowances scheme revision appendix 2 (pdf 18KB)

For details of the councillors' allowances scheme and information about allowances paid to councillors, please visit the following link:

» Councillors' allowances library page

Department organisation charts

» Children's Services (pdf 2MB)
» Community Services (pdf 1.8MB)
» Environment Services (pdf 1.4MB)
» Finance & Corporate Services (pdf 1.7MB)
» Regeneration & Housing Strategy (pdf 1.6MB)

Net spend by cost centre - Q1 to Q3 2011/12

The Excel workbook linked below includes three tabs; 1st quarter (April-June 2011/12), 2nd quarter (Jul-Sep 2011/12) and 3rd quarter (Oct-Dec 2011/12).

» Net spend by cost centre - Q1 to Q3 2011/12 (xls 451KB)

Spending with suppliers and on contracts

We have published detailed information on our spending with suppliers and on our contracts here:

Spotlight on spend

For more information, please contact Francis Murphy, Head of Procurement in the Corporate Procurement Team:

Asset register

» LBHF asset register (pdf 26KB)

Section 106 agreements

» Section 106 agreements web page

Audio recordings of full council meetings

The following MP3 files will play (stream), using your computer's default MP3 player, when you click the links below. You can download and save the files to play later by right-clicking the links and selecting 'Save target as' (on a PC), or Ctrl+click on the links and selecting 'Download linked file' (on a Mac).

» 29 May 2013: Annual council - full council (mp3 5MB)
» 19 March 2013: Extraordinary council meeting - full council (mp3 55MB)
» 27 February 2013: Budget council - full council (mp3 55MB)
» 30 January 2013: Full council (mp3 55MB)
» 24 October 2012: Full council (mp3 167MB)
» 4 July 2012: Full council (mp3 165MB)
» 30 May 2012: Annual council - full council (mp3 49MB)
» 19 March 2012: Extraordinary council meeting - full council (mp3 99MB)
» 29 February 2012: Budget council - full council (mp3 126MB)
» 25 January 2012: Full council (mp3 121MB)
» 19 October 2011: Full council (mp3 169MB)
» 29 June 2011: Full council (mp3 207MB)
» 25 May 2011: Annual council - full council (mp3 92MB)
» 23 February 2011: Budget council - full council (mp3 72MB)
» 26 January 2011: Full council (mp3 182MB)
» 27 October 2010: Full council (mp3 183MB)
» 16 September 2010: Extraordinary council meeting - full council (mp3 80MB)
» 30 June 2010: Full council mp3 268MB)

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