Councillors and MPs

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Councillors and MPs

Our borough is divided into 16 wards. Each of these wards is represented by either two or three councillors, bringing the total number of councillors for the borough to 46.

Councillors are elected every four years. 

The composition of the council is currently:

Labour 26 
Conservative 20

Making contact with your councillors

You can meet with your local councillors at their regular public surgeries. Surgeries are informal, open sessions that councillors host in each ward. Come along to meet your councillors and raise your issues and concerns. You can also contact local councillors directly by phone, in writing, or by email. 

Who's my councillor and when are the surgeries held?

» A - Z of councillors including contact and surgery details

Find my ward

» Ward map showing boundaries only (pdf) 
» Ward map with street names (1.4mb pdf)