Committee meetings and agendas


Purpose of committee

The Cabinet is a single party meeting which is made up of the Leader and seven other Cabinet Members. The Leader is elected for a four year term by the Council. The other Cabinet Members are appointed by the Leader. The Cabinet, at its monthly meetings, decides on all key decisions, following consultation with stakeholders and partners.

A key decision is:

·         anything affecting communities living or working in an area comprising of two or more wards;

·         any expenditure or savings which are significant, regarding the Council's budget for the service function to which the decision relates in excess of £100,000;

·         anything significantly affecting communities within one ward; and

·         anything affecting the budgetary and policy framework set by the Council.

Key Decisions are publicised up to four months in advance in the Key Decision List.

Decisions that are not key decisions, or part of the policy framework, are made by individual Cabinet Members or officers. Reports of non-key decisions made by individual Cabinet Members are made to each meeting of the Cabinet.

Attending Cabinet meetings

Members of the public and non-executive Council members are all welcome to attend Cabinet meetings.


Petitions or deputation requests may be made to Cabinet for consideration on any items appearing on the open agenda. If you want to organise a deputation or a petition, please refer to the section "Taking part in the democratic process" on the Council and democracy part of this website. Please contact Kayode Adewumi, Head of Scrutiny and Governance, on  kayode.adewumi@lbhf.gov.uk for more information about petitions and deputations.

Cabinet agendas will be posted on the website before the meeting. Each Cabinet agenda contains the minutes from the previous Cabinet meeting and reports to be considered at the meeting. A list of Cabinet decisions (decision list) will be published within two working days of the meeting and a confirmed decision list will be published five working days after that, if no decisions have been called in to the Council's Scrutiny Committees.



Contact information

Support officer: Kayode Adewumi. (Tel: 020 8753 2499)

Phone: 0208 753 2499

Email: kayode.adewumi@lbhf.gov.uk