Home safety check scheme

Home safety check scheme

Promoting home safety for people

The Home safety check scheme is a service offered by Bishop Creighton House, with the support of local emergency services.  

We help with falls prevention, home security, fire safety, food and alcohol safety, safe use of medicines and all aspects of home safety including coping with extremes of hot or cold weather, safe use of gas and electricity and garden safety.

We will fit smoke alarms, long life bulbs and security devices, repair steps, secure trailing wires and cables and fix down loose carpets and rugs free of charge for eligible residents.

If you have a child under the age of five (or a disabled child under the age of 18) and you are in receipt of benefits or you are aged over 60, or you are registered disabled the work can usually be carried out free of charge.

For more information call Alan Sheehan on 020 7385 9689

Or email asheehan@creightonhouse.org

Page last updated: 25/10/2013