Coroner and mortuary

Coroner and mortuary

The office of HM Coroner is an ancient one, dating back at least to 1194. Their duties and responsibilities are covered by the Coroners Act 1988. The Coroner is assisted by officers, who may be civilians or police officers. 

The main duty of a Coroner is to enquire into sudden or unexplained deaths, usually by holding a post-mortem inquiry, followed by an inquest if the cause of death is not natural. In addition to this there are specific requirements to investigate deaths in certain circumstances, for example, the death of a person in custody, or a death resulting from a person's occupation, and cot deaths.

Hammersmith & Fulham is the lead authority of the West London Consortium which consists of six boroughs' coroners’ services. The coroners’ officers are employed by the police, whilst the Coroner is a council appointment.

Main Duties

  • Assisting the Police in cases of death at home 
  • Arranging Post Mortems 
  • Holding of Inquests to find cause of deaths 
  • Issuing certificates for burial/cremation 
  • Help bereaved people through the processes 
  • Liaise with doctors & funeral directors           

The Home Office have produced a leaflet on Sudden Death and the processes involved.


The mortuary situated in Townmead Road provides and maintains safe and secure storage facilities of bodies received into the mortuary, and also provide and maintains a post-mortem room, allowing post-mortem examinations to be conducted on behalf of the Coroner. It also provides facilities for bodies to be viewed by relatives. » Mortuary service

Office: 0208 753 6800 / 6802
Address: Coroners Office
25 Bagleys Lane
Directions: Fulham Broadway on the District Line. The Coroners' Court is located next to the Bagleys Lane Depot.
Accessibility: There is a ramp to the entrance and a lift to the second floor
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