Cemeteries out of the Borough

Cemeteries out of the Borough

North Sheen and Mortlake Cemeteries

NORTH SHEEN CEMETERY, (also known as “Fulham New”), opened in 1909. All new graves are prepared on the “lawn” principle (see below). This is one of the Cemeteries in current use and the largest at over 30 acres. A notable Gothic Chapel can be hired for funeral services (see below). A layout map of North Sheen Cemetery is available for download. For opening hours see the bottom of the page.

Vehicles are permitted in the Cemetery but all users are asked to park considerately on the main driveways and not on the grassed areas or small side paths
Disabled toilet facilities are available
Nearest Tube: Kew Gardens (District Line) (approx 10 mins walk)
Bus: 190, 419
National Rail: Mortlake (approx 10 mins walk)

» Download a North Sheen Cemetery location map (pdf 307KB)
» Download a North Sheen Cemetery layout map (pdf 352KB)

MORTLAKE CEMETERY, (also known as “Hammersmith New”), opened in 1926. Like North Sheen, Mortlake operates on the "lawn" principle for all new graves.   A layout map of Mortlake Cemetery is available for download.

There is a new Muslim Section in this Cemetery and an area especially designed  for cremated remains only. This cemetery too has a notable Gothic Chapel available for hire (see below).

A separate 'babies' area has been created in the non-private section; a headstone already exists on the grave to enable a two line inscription to be placed by relatives after the burial. (There will be a charge for this work). For opening hours see the bottom of this page.

Vehicles may use this Cemetery, but you are requested to park on the main driveways and not on grassed areas or small paths
disabled toilet facilities are available
Nearest Tube: Kew Gardens (District Line)
Bus: 190
National Rail: Mortlake

» Download a Mortlake Cemetery location map (pdf 307KB)
» Download a Mortlake Cemetery layout map (pdf 204KB)

Both the Chapels in North Sheen and Mortlake have a music system, comprising CD and tape facilities plus an organ (organist must be hired by the family separately). Although a variety of popular Hymns are available to choose from, mourners are very welcome to bring their own personal CD/tape. Approximate seating capacity for both chapels – 80.

All new burials at North Sheen and Mortlake are situated on “lawn” sections which means a headstone with a grassed area in the front. The maintenance of the area is undertaken by our staff free of charge. Initially, a mound on the grave will be left after the burial, but eventually the grave will be turfed. After turfing, a small area will be left at the head of the grave for planting only. 

On the “lawn sections” a concrete strip has been laid at the head of the grave, therefore you can place a headstone memorial as soon as required rather than wait the traditional 12 months.

Although you may select a stonemason of your choice, they must forward an application to the Cemeteries Office (the Mason will have the appropriate form and complete this on your behalf). This will allow us to check the memorial conforms with the Regulations before issuing a Permit for the Mason to carry out the work. There is a fee for the Permit. The maximum measurements of a headstone are height 3’ 6’’ and width 3’ 0”.

Any proposal to erect a memorial on a “non lawn” section should be referred first to the Cemeteries Office on 020 8878 1934 prior to application. 

The opening hours for the cemeteries are:
Monday to Saturday
Nov, Dec & Jan - 9am to 4pm
April & August - 9am to 7pm
Feb & Oct - 9am to 5pm
May, June & July - 9am to 8pm
March & Sept - 9am to 6pm 

On Sunday the cemeteries open at 10am, with closing times as above except during public holidays.

On bank and other public holidays normal opening hours will apply, except Christmas Day, when the cemeteries will be open from 10am to 3pm.

Page last updated: 26/11/2013