Licences and street trading

Licences and street trading

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An a-z of licence applications we process.

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Search our personal and premises licensing database for details of licensing applications we are dealing with.

» Guidance for applicants and businesses

Find out more about licensing and what you will need to submit a valid licence application.

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What to do if you think a licensing application will affect your property.

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Our email alerts will let you know when a new planning or licensing applications has been entered onto our database.

» Licensing policies

Various policies issued by the licensing authority and details of the licensing policy review 2015.

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View licensing applications being considered by our licensing committee and the decisions we have reached.

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London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham,
Licensing service,
Hammersmith Town Hall Extension,
King Street, London W6 9JU

tel: 020 8753 1081
fax: 020 8753 3922

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» Premises licence reviews

Details of all of the current review applications which are out to public consultation.